7 Trending Game Ideas for New Year’s Eve Party

Find the best party ideas to make your new year celebration unforgettable. Brows our fun ideas to celebrate new year.

7 Trending Game Ideas for New Year’s Eve Party
New Year Celebration Ideas 2020

New Year 2021 is around the corner and this is the time where we all are ready to say Goodbye to all Drama and pain we have gone through in 2020.  Everyone is excited with lots of hopes and expectations for the next year. So why not celebrate it with lots of excitement and amazing funny booster games. So here are the most attempting and trending game ideas that you must try for the coming new year's eve  party.


1. Game with Balloons



A party without the balloons can never be imagined. Balloons are the most important when you are thinking about the party. So this game includes balloons. You must be thinking, is it passing and the parcel? What's new in that. I'm not suggesting that as well. So for this game, we will need paper cups and a few balloons. You can team up or can play individually. So the goal of the game is we need to build a castle of cups.

Important rule:

you are not allowed to use your hands. Your hands will be tied at your back. Firstly you will blow the balloon inside the cup. Next, you need to hold the breath in the balloon and make sure your blown balloon should fit inside the cup. Then you need to pull the cup with the balloon in your mouth. Then after arranging the cups in a castle format. Then finally who will achieve the castle. Player who completes the first will be the winner of the game. The audience can hoot and distract the players to make them fall.

This game requires patients and focus. Play for fun not for a prize then you will enjoy it more. We all must have played this game once in our lifetime if not then you must try it once.


2. Draw the Doodle

As the name suggests you need to draw something, of course on paper. If you say you don't know how to draw then that doesn't matter much. At least you can draw some explanatory doodle to make other players understand what you want to say through your drawing.

  • Firstly you need to put a paper on your next player's back. It will be a support to draw your doodle. You can have as many players as you want. Don't make it a long chain. The ideal will be 5 players at a time.

Image Source: Draw the Doodle

  • Next you need to create some paper chits with some names. It can be anything that can be drawn to explain.

  • The player standing, at last, will pick a chit, and only he will know the name.
  • The player, at last, will draw the picture on paper which will be placed on the next player's back.
  • The next player will feel the trace of the pen or marker on his back and will feel the trace and draw on the next player's back then the same thing will continue till the end player.
  • At the end you will find what the other player has drawn or tried to guess with the trace of the pen or marker. 

This game is no winning prize but you can laugh at a lot of other players drawing or their guessing power and again I'll say to master this game you need focus and high 6th sense power. If you are old friends and meeting in a party after a long time then this game is best to try out. Party games are always for fun. through the game, we can understand each other more and also interact with each other more. So enjoy this game and Laugh out loud.

Important rule:

You can't speak any word related to the name written on chits


3. Guess the new year Resolution


Image Source: Guess New Year Resolution

Old is gold. This is an old game but it is still trending. With fewer arrangements, we can play this game. So basically it is a guessing game as the game name suggests. To play the game you need to prepare some paper chits and pens and distribute the paper chit and pen to each player. The player needs to write their new year resolution without their name. Fold the sheets and put it into a large bowl or jar. Then finally after collecting all the chits any one of the players can read the resolution inside the chits and need to guess who's resolution it would be.

It's a super fun game through this game you can understand another person. For New Year it's the must-play game.


4. Win the Jackpot



For this game, you will need a wine glass and a toilet tissue paper roll. you need to spread the tissue paper roll for at least 40 cm and don't tear the tissue in between and then place the wine glass on top of the issue paper and fill the glass with any drink. This game will have a single-player and others will distract the player. On the left and right side of the tissue paper, you need to place anything it will be a prize. You need to set a good winning prize and some embarrassing prizes like you can place some vegetables or cream or anything on both sides and at the end a good prize as per your budget. To play the game player needs to pull the tissue slowly and while pulling the wine glass that is placed on the tissue paper the juice should not spill on the paper otherwise it will tear paper and you can't pull the tissue with the glass further and where ever the glass stops moving the prize on the sides of the tissue will be given if it is something edible then they must have to eat and if it stops Somewhere near cream or cake you can splash the cake on the player's face. The winner will be the player who makes it to last.

This is a game getting its popularity on TikTok and if you are a TikTok lover then you must try this game.


5. Blow the Candle



You must be thinking do we need to blow the candle? It is too easy. But it is not that easy. To play this game you need a big candle and place some snacks on one side of the candle and on the remaining side there will be a plate with cream and tomato sauce. Sounds weird right? But not that much the player needs to blow the candle with the hands. The gesture will be pushing your wrist towards the candle. It should be quick so that the candle should be blown. you will get only one chance of if it's a hit then you will get a snack goodie kept on one side of the candle. And if it's a miss then a plate with cream and tomato sauce will be smashed on your face. 

This game is either a hit or a miss game. You can play this game with your guests and enjoy your time with them.


6. Jump and Win


If you and your guests are a gym person or a player this game is perfect for you. This game is popular among teenagers. You will  need some prizes you can have as many as you can. To play this game you need to stick your prizes on a wall or you can use your door as well stick them with the help of some colored tapes with 30cm difference from each other. The the player needs to jump to the height of the prize they want. Of course, the best prize will be set at the top. The higher you jump the greater the prize.

This is a super simple and exciting game. You can play this game at any parties and events. 


7. Kiss Collection


Image Source : Kiss Collection

Midnight kisses are important on New Years Eve for the couples who are into relationships or thinking of confessing their love to their loved ones on the New Year. This game will end at midnight or just before the end of the party. When your guest arrives, hand each woman 5 Hershey Kisses/kiss me toffee or any candy and tell them to play hard. The men who are attending the party let they know that they need to collect Hershey Kisses/kiss me toffees as much as they can. The game will be interesting when men will try to impress the ladies to let them have candies and ladies will play hard. It's an entertaining game. When the time comes, the man with the most number of candies will be the winner and will have the winning prize.

Many of the time it is seen that men propose their girl with the collected candies which shows how popular they are among the ladies so they can't reject their proposal. This kind of  proposal on New Year's midnight is considered as the smartest proposal ever. 



There you have it, 7 Trending Game Ideas for New Year’s Eve Party. New year's eve with entertaining games is the best way to celebrate. These games can be played with any age group and you can try these games for office parties as well.  A low focus game makes everyone feel equal and all on one level – everyone can participate and to get people being active. Games relax you from your everyday hectic life. Parties with games are an important source of relaxation and stimulation for kids and adults as well. I hope with the above games ideas you have the best time with your guests. I wish you a blast with your new year party with some enjoyable games. Happy New year in Advance.


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