Best Design Trends to Follow for Your Living Room 2020

Explore our amazing and beautiful latest trends to design living rooms that inspire you to be more strategic when decor to the living room.

Best Design Trends to Follow for Your Living Room 2020
Best Design Trends to Follow for Your Living Room

I find the living room is the place in the house that best showcases our sense of style for everyone to see. By looking at the living room, people can see how much sense of style we have in ourselves. However, living rooms need not to be very extravagant or huge. It doesn't matter unless you are able to portray who we really are and what you truly love that gives us comfort and a sense of home.

When you are about to decorate your living room, one of the easiest ways to make a small living room feel more spacious, Check out our amazing latest trends to design living rooms that inspire you.

Take a look at these living room design ideas to get you started.


1. Oversized Pulls Style


Image Source: Oversized Pulls Style

Decorating with large, oversized handles and pulls look somewhat dated now. Now-a-days old style refrigerator handles used with cabinetry and clunky painted hardware get replaced by streamlined, integrated hardware.


2. Design Earthly Pleasures Style 


Image Source: Design Earthly Pleasures Style

This design itself has a money-saving secret, Would you be able to spot it? 


If your eye can catch the rug inthe design, then you are right. The rug is actually a thing of broadloom that can help you to save quite a bit of pocket, if you are planning to design on a low budget. You can have a broadloom of specific size. It would be great if you decorate your home with this little secret. 


3. Monochrome with Color


Image Source: Monochrome with Color

If you want to go with spice up like a dull space theme, that visual oddity can make all the whole theme look different. This really looks awesome in a small living room as there is not much to look at. It can be designed in a plainness and uniformity way with a rug in the room. This design makes sure that your guests observe every bit of the room's contents.


4. Design with Curvy Shapes


Image Source: Design with Curvy Shapes

This trend is a distinct throwback which is reemergence of curvy shapes, inspired by the 60s and 70s. Rounded furniture makes it look way back but with a modern twist. Design it with line and curve mesh to highlight the beauty of the room. In furniture, you can design it with sofas,chaises and benches with asymmetry guidelines.


5. Multifunctional Spaces


Image Source: Multifunctional Spaces

Along with household experience, remote working and learning at home, this multifunctional space idea has become the most popular and relevant design trend in 2020. Making the existence of multifunctional rooms now possible as designs of homes have taken to open-plans. Kitchens with islands theme can become both a dining table and a workstation. This way people can enjoy cooking, eating and socializing their work at the same time with minimum functionality of space.


6. Transform into Box-Shaped Space


Image Source : Transform into Box-Shaped Space

Create a unique touch to your living room without undergoing costly renovation. Design it by giving personal touch by creating a feature wall like one shown in the picture that will become the center of attraction to your guests. 


7. Design with Perfect Sofa for a Narrow Space 


Image Source : Design with Perfect Sofa for a Narrow Space

It will be challenging to decorate particularly design both narrow and small living rooms. However, what about choosing a sectional sofa with the precious square footage. When shopping for a sofa, look for one that is long, sophisticated and can lean up against a wall to give your living room a more classy look.


8. Hang baskets to wall to provide extra storage


Image Source : Hang baskets to wall to provide extra storage

Make the most of space by keeping it as clutter-free as possible which saves your space if you are planning to design a small living room. Include small bits and bobs to add an attractive look. you can also make use of baskets to maintain storage. These baskets are great to keep books, toys, magazines, ipads and other stuff.


9. Use lighting to your advantage


Image Source : Use lighting to your advantage

Decorate your living room with an overhanging pendant light and positioned with a round coffee table. You can add a couple of chairs and floor cushions or stools when guests arrive. With an open shelve, you can choose some accessories and books to be displayed and create a relaxed feel without affecting the beautiful texture of a wall feature.  


10. Display objects of your Interest


Image Source : Display objects of your Interest

It doesn't mean that you should hide away all your favourite belongings in storage, just because your living room don't have enough space. If you feel some of the objects that are worthy of showing off then display them along an open shelf, above the sofa. This theme will look great when floor space is at a premium. hanging an neon sign also helps to catch the eye.


Hope our list of design trends for designing living rooms helpful to you, if you find our collection the best then don't forget to showered your love by like, comment and share with friends, family and others. Happy reading !!