Best Facebook Groups To Join For Bloggers in 2021

Join the Best Facebook Groups to promote your blogs and connect with blogger communities with these amazing Facebook Groups Listed below in 2021.

Best Facebook Groups To Join For Bloggers in 2021
Best Facebook Groups To Join For Bloggers in 2021

Running a Blogging website and building a network alone can be flustering sometimes. But you guys can't be denied if I say networking is an integral part of Blogging. If you are a Blogger or you have been in Blogging probably you may understand what power networking gives you. 

Sometimes the biggest challenge being a blogger is how you can search for the right network and build relationships with other bloggers. 

Don't worry Guys. We have our Best friend "Facebook". 

Yes you heard it right..

Facebook offers you a number of groups where you can connect with your right audience and build a network with them and share your ideas, discuss the latest trends and give feedback . You can also collaborate with your fellow bloggers and marketers and help each other grow. 


How Facebook Groups Can Help you?

There are many reasons that will encourage you to join Facebook Groups and build a network with like-minded people, marketers and communities. 


1. Exchange Ideas


Exchange your ideas about upcoming features of your product or service if you have planned any specific products or services to offer. Use your brainpower to promote your product or service through exchanging ideas in the groups. You can also engage people by running a voting poll to get a quick reaction from the users, get to know their interest, get their reviews and feedback and to know which features they like the most? 


From this feedback, you can decide your marketing strategies for upcoming products or services. Sounds Amazing !!


2. Increase Network and Build Relation 


Facebook Groups gives you opportunities to connect with thousands of like-minded people, collaborate and work together. By sharing your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the group you can build a network with your fellows. Share your ideas by creating posts on a regular basis to keep your engagement in the group.


For Example


If you are going to host a webinar or conference, you can invite attendees to be a part of it by creating an Event. This simple way you can strengthen the relationship with your attendees. You can also get a maximum number of participants that will increase engagement in the group, maintain the momentum by involving the discussion and chat that will be a plus point to connect with expertise, leaders and influencers. 


3. Increase traffic and email list


You will be amazed to know how a Facebook Group can help you to achieve more traffic on your blogging website. Most of the facebook groups allow you to promote your latest blogs/articles.


Make sure you share your content in the relevant group so that you can target the audience who will be actually interested to check and read your article, not the people who just scroll. 


4. Give and Take Support


Whenever you are stuck somewhere and have queries/questions you can simply ask in facebook group. It's a give and take approach where people can answer your queries and vice versa. Chances are someone from the group will answer your queries and will advise you. 


Most people love to share their feedback, reviews about the product or service they love. This way you can build and win customer's trust. 


Facebook may offer you a number of groups to join but the challenge is to know which one are worth and which one you should skip. That’s why I have compiled a list of the best Facebook blogger groups based on the quality of their posts and the group’s activity level.


1. HellBound Blogger (HBB)


One of the most popular Facebook Groups among bloggers is HellBound Blogger(HBB) with 21.8K members. Note that  it is a closed group, in order to join this group you have to send a request. Once your request is approved start engagement in the group by posting and commenting. 


HBB generally shares the content on Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Internet and other stuff relevant to the fields. Bloggers are free to share their opinions on these topics, ask questions and queries through commenting. Start sharing your content and you will be amazed with the result by joining this group. 

Link to Join :


2. Learn Digital Marketing


It is one of the fastest growing facebook group with 202.2K members. Bloggers and Marketers can join this group and are free to share their thoughts on SEO and Digital Marketing, can ask questions on blogging stuff, gives feedback and can do comments. Note that it is a private group. 

Link to Join :


3. Kingpinning

Kingpinning is the right place to invest your time if you are enthusiastic about business and interested in reading awesome case studies, live examples. Kingpinning is the Facebook group created to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs who want to discuss how to grow their business to the next level. 


At present, The group has 20.3K active members and shares their experiences and ideas. 


This group is a collaborative effort to  spread knowledge on effective ways of running businesses from a number of expertise. You can also share business ideas and guide newbies and help them to build a successful empire.


Read Here Rules to join this group.


4. Bloggers Funda


Bloggers Funda is a closed group with 131.6K active members at present. As the name suggests, this group is for bloggers. To join a group you have to send a request, once your request is approved by the admin you can start promoting your stuff relevant to the group's topic.


This group allows you to share guest posting on Affiliate, Wordpress, Facebook Marketing, Content Writing, Designing and Development, SEO, Adwords, PHP and more.


If anyone has queries on Wordpress Theme Integration and Plugins then this group is the place where you will definitely get your queries resolved with the correct solution.

Link to Join :


5. The Blog Loft


The blog loft is an online Community to bring bloggers together through conversions, collaborations and coffee. The group has 20.3K active members and a significant place to join for bloggers to share guest posting and promote their work.  


6. Master Blogging - Blogging Tips and Strategies for Massive Profits


It is one the fastest growing Facebook Group to join for Bloggers. This group helps you to leverage the power of Affiliate Marketing, blogging and automation tools in the perspective of business so that you can build and make a profitable blog. The #masterBlogging team is full of expert bloggers and affiliate marketers. You can resolve your queries in the group by connecting with them. It is a closed group so you have to send a request to join the group, once the admin approves your request bloggers can start sharing their thoughts, ideas and experiences.


Best Facebook Groups To Join In 2021 for Bloggers

Group Name   Link   Active Members
Bloggers Passion VIP Group Click Here To Join


Blogging Lift - Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing & Digital Marketing Click Here To Join 49.6K

Blogging Cage VIP - Learn Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Click Here To Join 34.6K

BloggingX - Redefine Your Blogging Excellence

Click Here To Join 3.5K

Monk Marketers - Fb Ads, Funnels, Shopify, Dropshipping, Print On Demand

Click Here To Join 5.5K
 Guide Blogging - Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing Click Here To Join 43.8K
WPLeaders - A Hub Of WordPress Leaders Click Here To Join 876

The Bloggers' Team | Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress

Click Here To Join 22.5K
DigitalGYD VIP - Learn Blogging & Digital Marketing Click Here To Join 1.6K
Tryootech's Digital Marketing Pool (Grow Online) Click Here To Join 9.0K Private Mastermind Group

Click Here To Join 57.6K
Building Online Empires by Click Here To Join 10.6K

Blogging Newbs

Click Here To Join 27.4K

Inspired Bloggers Network

Click Here To Join 10.5K




You will find a number of Facebook Groups to join but the Above listed Groups are the Best that I have met and really worked for me to increase traffic for my Blogging website TrendsInsights.

If you are a blogger or just about to start, try these Facebook Groups to set Your blogging site career in the right direction. Make sure to read all rules and policies before joining any Facebook Groups.

Will you use the above mentioned Facebook groups as part of your marketing strategy? What other queries/questions do you have about Facebook groups? Let us know in the comments below. 

Don't Forget to Share these amazing strategies with your friends, family and one who wants to build their blogging Network.