What Is Guest Blogging and What Power It Holds

Want to grow your organic traffic with Guest Blogging? Know How to Use Guest Blogging as a powerful way to increase organic traffic on your website.

What Is Guest Blogging and What Power It Holds
What Is Guest Blogging

Almost everyone has a blog these days. But is your blog getting Traffic? 

Everyone spends their time writing valuable articles/blog, but barely anyone is reading them. But guys you are not alone, My blogs also used to be like that. That's completely normal.

So My colleague suggested to me About "Guest Blogging".


What is Guest Blogging ?


Guest blogging is the process in which you generate content for another website and post it on their website which links back to your blogging website. Guest blogging is one of the most recommended strategies to gain traffic, get in front of the right audience and boost SEO Ranking for your blogs. This way you can build your reputation and increase traffic for your personal blog as well. One Guest post can significantly boost your blog's brand and help you to gain the right audience. 


Now-a-days, Guest blogging has become a popular way to gain traffic for any business looking to expose their online presence. Whether you are a small startup looking to gain local followers or a global giant looking to promote new products or services, guest blogging has proven to be effective ways to get more number of clicks on your websites.


Keep in mind that you are posting content for another website is free, even though you are not getting paid for it, you'll benefit from them through the generated traffic that is driven to your blog or website which will increase your blog's ranking in the search engine by the link you have dropped there. As a general rule, you should write guest posts only on blog sites that have better SERP (Search Engine Result Page) score.

There are numerous benefits from Guest Blogging that will maximize traffic for your blogging website.  

Let’s Get Started..

1. Make Your Presence


Most bloggers already host blogs on their websites for years, if you post your blogs there more likely your presence will be discovered in the future. No doubt, social media is a great platform to get instant likes but does not create the same lasting presence that a Guest Blogging has. If your blog posting focused only on one niche then it will be more beneficial to achieve high quality traffic visiting on your website.


As per general rule, for guest blogging choose a site that has better SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Score than your websites. Even though you are not getting paid for posting content on another person's website and it may seem counter productive, Guest blogging is an essential tool to make your presence on the web.

2. Quality Backlinks


In order to drive traffic to your websites, you need to rank high in search engines. To achieve a high rank in search engines you need to be an authority in your industry. One solution is to acquire Quality Backlinks. Websites with high authority link to your site, that will give you more  credibility.


There are two important ways in which high-quality backlinks can be beneficial to drive more traffic to a website

  1. Boosting Ranking
  2. Driving Referral Traffic


Quality Backlink is one of the most essential ways when it comes to ranking factors. Constantly achieving high-quality backlinks from relevant authority websites, improves ranking and you'll see a lift in your ranking in SERPs as a result. 


On the Other hand, backlinks can also help you to achieve a substantial amount of referral traffic. It is something in which your blogs get mention in popular websites. You will also get referral traffic through if your blog is mentioned or linked to an article that's already ranking well for high search keywords.


3. Build Relationship 


Being a guest blogger your content should be good and must add value to someone else's blog, this way you're going to build relationships with other bloggers. There are many platforms through which bloggers can interact with each other, especially on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Medium. Medium is the most influential platform. 


You can join Facebook Group to connect with the blogging community where you can become friends with them and ask your queries, you're growing your influence which will ultimately lead to more subscribers to your blogging. 


4. Credibility


Audiences are loyal to bloggers they follow because they like and trust the content bloggers provide to them. By approaching guest posting, bloggers have lent that credibility to your brand. Credibility is an important factor when it comes to increasing traffic on websites.

5. Brand Exposure


It's important to remember that high-authority publications can be beneficial in terms of SEO's contributing towards brand exposure. By posting your blog into leading online publications your audience already trusts and will gain engagement alongside brand exposure.


Make sure to post effective, optimized and informative content because it establishes you as a thought leader and provides opportunities to connect with your audience.  


Accepting Guest Posts on Your Own Blog Website 


It doesn't matter whether you're running a small business or big giant, guest blogging always has an advantage to take your web page to the next level. You should approach your audience to post a guest blog on your blogging website. You can accept Guest blogs if they are unique, seo optimized and original. Through Guest blogging, your own blog can establish a wide presence on the Internet.


Guest Blogging is one the effective ways to generate quality backlink. This will also boost your SEO power as well as brand awareness. Without any investment, your blogging website can have a significant ranking on popular search engines. 


Rules to Follow If You’re Accepting Guest Blogging 


  • Accept Guest Blogger from the authors whose content is unique, original and SEO optimized
  • Content Quality and should be focused on stylebook of an article
  • Be picky while choosing Guest Post, not all posts have good content, Go with great Content !
  • No matter who writes the content, you must own that content. If you don’t own the content people start publishing content on their own site.
  • Authors need to help you build and support make relationship with other blogger community


There are some cool websites where you can start Guest Blogging and grow online business and establish quality backlinks.

1. Mashable

Mashable founded in 2005 and is a great source for news in field of social and digital media, technology and web culture. The website has more than 40 million monthly pageviews and audiences includes entrepreneurs, influencers, brands and corporations, marketing and advertising agencies, social media and technology.

Submit Your Blog to Mashable


Website Name Core Niche Global Ranking Link To Submit Guest Post

The Huffington Post

News, Politics, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Popular Media


Submit Guest Post


Entrepreneurship, Business, Marketing, Finance, Social Media


Submit Guest Post


SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engines

3,183 Submit Guest Post

The Penny Hoarder

 Finance, Budgeting, Investment, Insurance


Submit Guest Post


Email marketing, Social media strategies


Submit Guest Post
Boarding Area


43,731 Submit Guest Post

Psychology Today

Health, Mental Health Expert

1,789 Submit Guest Post



Designing and DIY related to craft


Submit Guest Post

Disney Food Blog

Disney food, Restaurants, Food Reviews 74,665 Submit Guest Post



Guest blogging is the most powerful way to increase the visibility of online businesses and will help you to make an impact in reader's thoughts. No doubt that Guest blogging will improve the  quality backlinks and gain a good number of traffic to your site. Plus, establish credibility by posting a valuable article to a reputable site. 


Well, There you have it !! This is all about Guest Blogging. I hope you get a clear idea about how to increase traffic on blogging site with Guest Blogging. If you have any questions regarding Guest Blogging Please feel free to ask me via comments. Any suggestions are welcome. Happy Reading Guys !!

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