Home-Based Business Ideas You Can Start In 2021

Looking for the ways to become an entrepreneur but stuck with business ideas, Here are top 10 trending business ideas that you can start with.

Home-Based Business Ideas You Can Start In 2021
Home-Based Business Ideas You Can Start In 2021

According to Research, Out of 30 million small businesses in the U.S. , almost half of 15 million businesses are considered to be home-based business. Operating a business from home is also a good option during this pandemic because you can make money while you are following social distancing.

There is no doubt that choosing the path to become an entrepreneur and come up with great business ideas is riskier than with holding a 9-5 job. A home-based business offers various benefits like low startup cost, control over decision, less resource and no commute benefits.


1. Freelancer

To become a freelancer requires you to have a specialist skill in particular fields or skills which are in demand and monetizable. Now-a-days skills in demand that command high fees include Software Development, Graphic Designing, Website Development, Content Writing, Copywriting, Logo Designing, Business Development. You can do anything pretty much like Arts and Crafts, Painting and many more. 



In the UK, a third of workers now work as a freelancer or on contractual basis, meaning they can charge per hour or project fee depending on their services. 

There are a number of freelancing platforms available like Upwork and Freelancer where you can register yourself as a freelancer and get as many freelance gigs as you can get your hands on. Make a strong profile/portfolio and acquire a decent number of positive reviews and establish your profile with a great number of projects.


2. Dropshipping

It is a business model that allows you to run your store without holding any inventory. The process of Dropshipping is where you list supplier products on your selling platform without purchasing any stock upfront. Whenever you make a sale, your supplier agrees to ship the products from their warehouse, straight to the customer's doorstep. Dropshipping is similar to affiliate but users can stay on your site and you will never have to worry about storing, packaging or shipping the products.

How Does Dropshipping Model Works?


In Dropshipping, there are three key people:


A. Manufacturer

The manufacturer is the person responsible for creating products, maintaining inventory, shipping products to customers on behalf of retailers, replacing defective products and restocking them. 


B. Retailer 

Here comes your role as retailer responsible to sell the manufacturer's products under your brand on your website. You have to choose the products you want to sell. Along with it you will be responsible for marketing those products, for their shipping costs and setting the prices that gives you a profit. 


C. Customer

The customer will be responsible for buying the products directly from the retailers. If customers have any queries he will contact the retailer they bought the product from.


3. Translation Services

If you have good command over multiple languages, you can use this power to good use by starting a translation business. In the translation business, you have to convert written material from one language to another language (depending on requirement). All you need is to get started with a computer and get your work done. 



4. Virtual Assistant

If you have experience working as an administrative function for business owners or managers then Virtual Assistant might be a good catch for you. Virtual assistants offer a wide range of services via work from home like scheduling, emailing, customer support, record keeping.


Virtual assistants can help to improve productivity of small businesses by working on time consuming tasks, managing new processes by capturing and organizing data.


5. Webinars

Webinar is a live seminar or video session offers detailed information on a specific topic by experts and audience can interact or ask questions via chat and allow participants to download handout materials. Basically, Webinar is a form of online training. In recent years, Webinars have boomed in popularity especially in technology, Finance and Marketing domain and becomes an excellent way to market your products and services.


To start with Webinar Business, you will need to decide the domain for webinar and expertise in a popular area, prepare course/programme materials (Presentation, Videos, Images) and get as many as reaches through paid advertising or existing marketing channels to your webinars.

How Can Webinar Help You Build Your Business ?


A. Lead Generation

Well, leads are pure gold and amongst the top priority for any business. Through webinar you can attract people who are interested in what you offer which you can turn into leads. Webinar requies to fill an online registration form and BOOM !! 

There you get leads !!


B. List Building

The first step to join the webinar is that the participant has to register himself/herself by giving basic information such as name, email and mobile number. 

For your product and services, your list is the most important asset for your business, so here Webinar can act as a great magnet to increase your list, so that you can stay in contact with them and can promote your product and services to them.


C. Launch Product/ Increase Sales 

Many marketers use this strategy to introduce their products to buyers. Webinars become the most powerful way to provide a free training that solves one problem and then introduces your products to solve all the other problems your market has.


6. Digital Marketing Consultant

A Digital Marketing consultant is responsible to create a network and do promotion and marketing of companies products or services using all the available online marketing channels.


Many small businesses in the market are looking for ways to connect with customers online. If you have expertise in things like SMM(Social Media Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content writing, you could start as a Digital Marketer. Apart from that, A Digital Marketer's job is to design and execute successful digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, traffic and sales.


7.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning passive income by recommending other products or services on your platform.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to sell someone else's products and services and take commission if you sell a product or services to a customer you have referred through marketing activity. 



How does Affiliate Marketing actually work?

Now, you understand the concept of Affiliate Marketing, the question that arises now is how actually affiliate marketing works. There are some points as listed below which you need to follow to become a part of Affiliate Marketing.

  • Search for an appropriate affiliate program and join
  • Choose products or services you want to promote
  • Generate a unique link for the offer you select to promote
  • Share that links on your Social platform, Blogs and website
  • Collect commission when someone make purchase by clicking on link you generated

For Complete Guide Click Here


8. Copywriting

Copywriter is responsible for creating content for advertising purposes. In recent years, there is a growing demand for copywriters as lots of blogs, websites and businesses need content written for advertising.


In recent years, demand for copywriter is great in terms of marketing. To get started with copywriting, you will need good writing practice in business English. Almost every website owner hires a copywriter to write content for their website's pages like about us, FAQ's, terms and conditions, privacy and policy or any particular blog post.


9. Personal Fitness Trainer


If you are a fitness freak and have the right business sense, then you can choose to be a part-time or full time personal trainer as a side business that can be both physically and financially rewarding. 

I will recommend you to take this business idea seriously because in COVID-20 duration most people gain their weight. I am also one of them, but with the right trainer I have lost 7kg. So out there many of my friends are now facing weight gain problems. If you have that potential then you must give it a try. 

You can also upload your training videos on youtube or you can personally train the people

Once your reputation as a great copywriter is established, business should flow in.

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10. Tutoring

Some People just love teaching even though I also love teaching and help others to learn. If that is you and have a great understanding of education, then you can make money by giving tutoring. You can give personal training or in a group either you can give remotely via the internet.



There are online platforms such as Preply where you can give online tutorials on your schedule from anywhere. There are apps in the market like Tutorme that can help you monetise your
tutoring. If you want to grow business in this field, you can find local tutoring clients or make partnerships with the local universities, colleges and schools in your area.


If you find these Business ideas helpful or If I missed any good ideas to start with, please share your ideas in the comments below !!


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