Korean Beauty Trends For Glowing Skin You Must Know

Browse our list of biggest K-beauty trends of 2021 that will make your skin glow brighter than sun.

Korean Beauty Trends For Glowing Skin You Must Know
Top Korean Beauty Trends 2021

Hi Guys, Hope you are doing well. Well I think when it comes to beauty no conversion can ever be complete without mentioning K-beauty and it's beauty trends. After all, the world of Korean beauty has its own secret for the latest skincare trends with innovations that range well beyond.

Since the korean skincare trends have been introduced in Indian market, we must thanks to their fabulous beauty tips that now we pay more attention to skincare products, ingredients and think how these tricks help us to get more attention. 

The focus of beauty has shifted from makeup to skincare during this global pandemic. I bet you that these korean beauty trends are gonna be a big big help to you. So Keep Reading !!


1. Carrot Seed Oil

It has been used in korean beauty for more than 10 years now. It is a great source of vitamin A and a great antioxidant. It's an antiaging, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial property, all of which makes it brighten your skin. Carrot seed oil has become a popular ingredient in most cosmetic and skincare products.


2. Skin Detoxifying

The hottest trends in korean right now for detoxifying skin is the popular Aqua Peeling. It is a dermatology method that help to exfoliates and hydrates your skin at the same time. To target trouble spots on skin peeling treatment is the best as it exfoliates skin, smoothing it;s appearance and gently remove impurities. 

Korean people have always believed that "skin is a reflection of your mental and healthy state" and many people are emphasizing on the same. You can also detoxify agents like mushrooms, detoxifying herbs like ginger and mugwort.


3. One Minute Rule

This Korean rule is about changing the way you apply products. The key is to take a minute to massage your oil based cleanser into the skin. This will allow the product enough time to dissolve grime and extract all dirt from the pores. Spend one more minute to massage a hydrating formula onto skin right after washing your face. This will allow your skin to glow better.


4. Troxerutin

Troxerutin, might be difficult to pronounce but it is another ingredient to know that surely marks as one of the korean beauty trends to follow for your skincare. It is a super-antioxidant help to reduce inflammation and  hydration and can be used to reduce irritation. To give an ultra calming effect, Troxederm’s repair essence mist is blended with cica and niacinamide. Troxerutin is one of the ingredients that has gone viral in Korea and even celebrities started talking about it. 


5. Slugging

This trend is a hit popular amongst people with dry skin. This idea involves smearing a thin layer of an occlusive ointment like petroleum jelly and balm on your skin before bed. This occlusive ointment film will seal in the moisture and block trans-epidermal water loss during the night. This will get washed off in the morning leaving a natural glow on your skin. 

Slugging should be avoided by the people with oily or acne-prone skin as it trap bacteria and dead skin cells which result in breakouts.


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