Marriage in the age of Internet

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Marriage in the age of Internet

Marriage in the age of Internet

We often hear marriages are made in heaven. But can you hear internet marriages? 

Yes, through the internet one can identify the overabundance of choice of potential partners and it is the source of online looking for a stable relationship! Now meeting online [particularly meeting through online dating websites] predicts faster transitions to marriage. 

The pertinent question is the effect of Internet technology on a relationship can be stable/longevity or turn out to be a marriage formation?   How do the Internet and social media technology affect our romantic lives?  The association between Internet technology and relationships tend to be more positive, neutral, or negative!  

No doubt, internet-based social media and cellular phones play an increasing role in our personal and social lives. Most of the thinkers and scholars do disagree about whether the new technologies improve or degrade the commitment and longevity of our primary relationships.  According to internet skeptics suddenly wider choice set of potential partners available online could undermine marriages and other primary relationships.  

One of the most prominent Internet skeptics, has argued that the new technologies have robbed us of the skills to be effective listeners in face-to-face interactions. If the Internet undermines our relationships, then the social effects of the Internet are to be feared. Though other scholars view the Internet as having a more positive role to play in personal and romantic relationships.

The obvious question does arise --- whether meeting online is associated with higher or lower rates of breakup and higher or lower rates of transition to marriage. Also, couples who met online and offline have similar rates of breakup.  This should be demonstrated in the right spirit to get the correct picture