Mobile App Development Trends to Look in 2021

Check out the list of Latest Mobile App Development trends In 2021 on Trendsinsights.

Mobile App Development Trends to Look in 2021
Mobile App Development Trends 2021

Mobile app development industry is growing fastly due to it's advancements, demands with the latest trends and a huge number of other factors. Staying up to date with the latest trends is the most crucial task. 

Don't worry. Here, you will find the list of Most Latest trends of Mobile App development that will make our lives easier.

1. Augmented Reality(AR)

Augmented reality is the technology to superimpose information like sounds, images and text in a real-world environment and help to create digital objects. Basically augmented reality helps to connect the real world with the digital world. AR apps are easy to implement any information which includes a mixture of visuals, graphics, text and sounds as well. Thereby it's easy to promote individuals' business engagement with clients and make it easy for users to view business's products and services. 

'Pokemon Go' is the most popular AR game developed in 2016 and became a sensation worldwide with over 120 million estimated users, according to CNET. The game allows users to see 'Pokemon' characters bouncing around in their own town. 

Another AR app 'Layer' uses the smartphone's GPS and camera to collect information about surroundings and displays information about nearby stores, restaurants and according to users point of interest.


2. M-Commerce

M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the process of buying and selling of products and services using wireless devices like smartphones and tablets enables users to access online platforms with no need to use a desktop computer. 

Chatbots and AR can be a smart decision when it comes to improving end-users' experience. It provides features like easy login, payment methods and best user interface.

3. Cross-Platform App Development

Since the last few years, mobile app development has shifted towards cross-platform app development which will reach a further high. Cross-platform development provides numerous benefits like high performance, Rapid Development with High Performance. Facebook, Pinterest and many others have successfully implemented this app technology for better efficiency and using this technology will bring more and more app development. 

According to research, some of the frameworks like React Native, Ionic and etc are used by developers to build cross-platform apps. Flutter, the technology from Google will rule the cross-platform industry in 2021. 


4. Enterprise Mobile Applications

It is the process of developing and deploying mobile applications that helps organizations or enterprises to simplify their tasks. This mobile application also helps organizations to engage more users, investors and partners in an efficient way.   

Statistics show that Enterprises mobile application rapidly growing among businesses worldwide. It helps an internal communication between enterprises or organizations in order to improve productivity, thereby increasing ROI. Now most of the companies are moving towards Enterprise Mobile Application.

Organizations always look for ways to reduce the time and resources. Enterprise mobile applications provide that facility to the organizations with their latest and upgraded applications development that help them to reduce time and resources. 

In 2021, you will see a huge number of enterprises moving towards this technology and it's one of vital keys towards digital transformation that will help organizations to manage their complex tasks.  


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