Fact or Fiction? 9 Popular Diet Myths

Browse our list of common diet myths to avoid and truth behind them and make the right choice when it comes to diet and nutrition.

Fact or Fiction? 9 Popular Diet Myths
Common Misconceptions about Diet

Maintaining a healthy weight is a key consideration for good health and active lifestyle. But so many choices it's hard to know which diet will give you a healthy life. This article will help you to make the right choice when it comes to your diet and nutrition. 

There are some misconceptions/myths about diet that we followed blindly to cut off your extra pounds. Here, I am going to tell you a list of common diet myths that we should stop believing that will help you to stay on the right track.


Myth 1.  You will Gain Weight When you Stop Smoking

Fact :

Some People have the myth that they will gain weight if they stop smoking, some lose weight and some stay the same. Definitely Nicotine increases the metabolism of the body, but it's effect is small. It is better to be an overweight non-smoker than not bother giving up just because you think you will put on weight.

So replace cigarettes with your healthy diet. It is a good idea to keep sugar-free gum or snacking on vegetable strips in the fridge so that you can have these instead of reaching for the biscuit tin.


Myth 2. Milk helps Weight Loss

Fact : 

Many Researchers have indicated that consumption of dairy products like milk has no connection with a person's calorie count. This myth is completely based on the theory that calcium in the body helps you to break down fat and lose weight more effectively. 

Instead, I will advise you to take a low-fat version of such dairy products. Such dairy products help to accumulate unwanted calories in the body along with saturated fats.


Myth 3. Rice Cause Weight Gain

Fact :

I bet this myth is surely followed by everyone on a regular basis. Most of the people have curbed their diet habit of consuming rice at night in order to shed some extra pounds. Right? But this is another addition to the list of myths. whether you consume rice in the night or day, has no bearing on your weight. Weight gain or weight loss completely depend on consumption of calories and fat you take.


Myth 4. High Fat Foods are not Healthy

Fact : 

Many people fear high fat foods, I am also one of them and follow a low diet in the hopes of cutting fat intake. But by the time, I came to know that this is an incorrect theory. Dietary fat is important for your body as well as optimal health. 

Infact, Low-fat diets cause a greater risk of health issues like metabolism syndrome and may lead to an increase in insulin which are known as risk factors for heart disease. Studies have proven that foods that contain higher amounts of fat are as effective as having a healthy diet. Obviously there is a penalty of taking anything in an extreme direction whether it is a low fat diet or high fat diet that may affect your health. So, I recommend you to have a proper balanced diet.


Myth 5. All Juices and Smoothies are Healthy

Fact :

Yes it's very important to know that some juices sold at stores contain sugar and calories. When such juices consume in excess can lead to weight gain. Apart from it, it also leads to health issues such as blood sugar dysregulation and tooth decay.


So it's a myth to consider that all the juices and smoothies available at the stores are healthy. But it doesn't mean that certain juices are not nutritious. You can try a nutrient-dense smoothie or freshly made juice primarily containing non-starchy vegetables, a great source to increase your vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake. You can go for homemade juice also.


Myth 6. Include Sea Salt in Diet To Reduce Sodium

Fact : 

Switching to Sea Salt will reduce Sodium ? Sorry, again it's a diet myth too. Switching to Sea Salt will reduce Sodium ? Sorry, again it's a diet myth too. Gourmet salts have the same weights of sodium as the plain old table salt. Instead include flavor with herbs, pepper and spices. By the way, we get 75% of our total salt intake from processed foods such as soups, mixes, cheeses, condiments and canned goods. 


Myth 7. Sugar Free Foods means Fat-Free Body

Fact :  

When 'Fat free' or 'Sugar Free' words splash, it feels less guilty to eat an entire box of chocolates in one sitting. 

Well guys, let me clear this myth for you that fat free or sugar free do not mean foods are calorie free. It doesn't matter what type of food you are consuming, if you are consuming more calories than you will definitely put on weight. In fact, the sugar content in 'sugar free' or 'fat free' items can be extremely high. In gluten-free desserts where nutrients like fat are removed from food and artificial ingredients are added back to the food to add the taste which may lead to the more calorie.  


Myth 8. Doing Excessive Exercise is more important Than Food 

Fact :

I have seen most people have the myth that doing excessive exercise helps them to lose weight faster than having the diet. Exercise doesn't earn brownie for you. Exercise is important for overall health but it doesn't mean you should ignore your diet. I observed that 70 to 80% of weight loss will be based on what you are preparing in the kitchen and only 30 to 20% based on workout in the gym.


Myth 9. Nighttime Eating Makes You Fat

Fact : 

Have you heard this saying 

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper."

Most people think eating at night makes you fat. Put this diet myth to bed. There is no conclusive proof that late night eating causes you to put on weight. It doesn't matter what time you are eating as long as you have a proper balanced diet.

It's the calories that cause you weight gain, many night eaters attempt to overeat and eat high-calorie foods. But you should be careful, eating right before going to bed can lead to heartburn and Indigestion. So make discipline to take a regular diet (meal).



Well, now you know !! It's time to stop believing in these common diet myths. Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, it completely depends on a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. It is very important to maintain your lifestyle along with a healthy diet. I believe “Calories in, Calories Out” when it comes to weight loss..


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