Social Commerce Platforms | Turn Social into Sales

What are the Social Commerce platforms? How it can help you to increase branding on social platforms. Know about all these factors on Trendinsights.

Social Commerce Platforms | Turn Social into Sales

Social Commmerce Platform

The Presence of Social Media has evolved dramatically from the last few years and it's popularity has been increasing gradually day by day. From connecting to friends to brand awareness, social media has a great impact. As it's popularity has gained the attention of many businesses to help them with inbound marketing. Almost all businesses began to develop their presence on Social platforms to promote their services or products. 


What is a Social Commerce Platform?

Social commerce or social media ecommerce is the platform which allows businesses to use social networking sites to sell their products or services directly to its customers. According to reports, it is stated that an estimated social commerce sales were at $28 billion. 

Social commerce provides many tools and platforms to make social promotions easy for both buyers and sellers which make social shopping experience more user-friendly. But choosing the right platform for your business is not easy. We need to decide which platform will be most beneficial for your business. Let's get started with knowing some of the best platforms.   

1. Instagram

Instagram with 1 billion active users has become the most popular social commerce platform to connect with users and promote your products or services, making it a top 4 social platform network worldwide. Instagram comes with an in-app feature "Shoppable Posts" which help businesses for branding and to connect with their customers based on interest. Users love to scroll instagram feed and offer visuals to engage users increasing the dwell time of the app.

The primary feature of Shoppable Posts is that it allows the user or customers to scroll and explore the instagram feed without leaving the app. Customers can get all details like price and description of product or services by tapping on the post itself, it then navigates customer to product detail page and from there customer can proceed to checkout without any hassle. 

Almost 60% of users have turned to instagram to buy or sell their products or services, making the shopping experience more attractive and user-friendly. Instagram has an amazing feature of reels and visual storytelling through which Instagram has become an ideal social commerce platform to promote your products or services. 


2. Facebook

Facebook has introduced Facebook shop for small businesses where they can create a social shopping store by creating their business profile with a few easy steps. Facebook shops allow business to do , uploading which automatically features that product for customers based on their preferences. Customers can see a list of products on facebook business page and can complete their purchases directly within the app or by visiting the website link mentioned in the post.  

Facebook social commerce platform Allows businesses to do:

  1. Create business profile 
  2. Inventory syncing  
  3. Upload products data like images along with product description and all details
  4. Direct sell product from your facebook business page
  5. Mange orders  
  6. Run ads to promote your products and services.
  7. Analyze business through insights

To communicate with users Facebook has a feature known as "Messenger" where both buyer and seller connect and can exchange information about specific products. This feature of Facebook allows small businesses to grow and promote their services by connecting with the target audience.


3. Pinterest

Like Instagram, Pinterest has introduced Pinterest Buyable pins in June 2015 that allows businesses to display products through pins on Pinterest which customers can buy. Like instagram, Pinterest also focuses on visuals and has become the most popular social commerce platform with average sales of $50 which is higher than any other social commerce platform. According to reports, Pinterest has 460 millions monthly active users.

With Pinterest Buyable pins features users can create pinterest shoppable pins. It's visual discovery engine makes Pinterest an ideal social commerce platform. Users can select products from the pins posted on PInterest, then with direct link redirect to the website and complete purchase. Pinterest also suggests shoppable pins based on users interest. The key idea of Pinterest is that you can add multiple products in single ads and sellers can tag upto 25 images in one frame. If your business is already on shopify then it's easy to add products from shopify to your Pinterest business page.

This feature of Pinterest has helped many small businesses to increase business brand value, marketing strategies to influence the right audience which directly increase dwell time of the app.


4. Taggbox Commerce

One of the most popular social commerce platforms is Taggbox commerce that helps businesses to increase their brand value, sales, traffic and engagement of users which gives a smooth shopping experience. This platform allows you to turn your social content into shoppable UGC content, shoppable instagram feed and galleries. These shoppable galleries attract customers to explore your brand products providing real life shopping experience while visiting the website. All you need to do is just collect content, tag products and create shoppable galleries to make your online store successful. 

One key feature of Taggbox Commerce is it keeps introducing new features that make the online shopping experience more fun. This feature is shoppable hotspots which encourage customers to buy their favourite products.


5. Amazon live

Amazon live came with a different approach like other social commerce platforms. This platform is designed to attract customers in a way that allows real-time brand interaction and engage customers in interactive livestreams. It's a great opportunity for businesses who want to make their online presence with livestreams.

With Amazon Live, you can introduce your products with needed product information. The most important feature is live streams with which users can visualize the product they are going to purchase. It has a unique chat feature which allows users to interact with amazon support to help with any difficulties.

Benefits of Social Commerce


1. Increase in Audience

I don't need to tell the popularity of social media among people. We all know There are Billions users active on social media. Whether it is about any business or trends, social media platforms are the first to prompt the thing and things go viral at a faster rate. So the same way when it comes to branding about business social commerce is the right platform to start with. With Every social media you will get analysis tool using which you can view the performance of your branding. You can post the content with text or visual graphics with the strong impact. The important thing you need to make note that you must use right keywords, hashtags and content that should related your product or services. With Social commerce platform you can target the audience which are really interested in your services.


2. Increase in Traffic with Target Audience

The most important factor is that by sharing content with the right hashtags and keywords you can reach the maximum number of people, as social commerce platforms work on the parameters which are like, comments and share. So people with interest can see your post and thereby you can engage your target audience and gain in your followers list. 

As With the social commerce platform, customers don’t have to wait longer in case of assistance, they can directly DM where their query gets resolved at a faster rate. It makes social commerce platforms more suitable to engage your target audience and generate more leads.


3. Higher Search Ranking

Engagement in the target audience also helps to increase the search ranking. If you include the link(url) into post content or in the bio of a social commerce platform, it's obvious that users will visit websites to see more products or to know more about your branding.



There are many Social commerce platforms to promote your business brands. Each platform has its unique features which work differently. We can't deny that Social commerce platforms now become more powerful tools to generate traffic and drive sales.

I hope from the above mentioned social commerce platforms you get clarity about each platform so you can decide which platform will work more efficiently to increase your branding.

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