Try These Amazing Life Hacks To make Your Life Easier

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Try These Amazing Life Hacks To make Your Life Easier

Life becomes busy and everyone is trying to fit into the 24 hours we have each day. Barely, we get enough hours to sleep, so we need some lifehacks or tricks to save our time and energy. We live and learn everyday and can find some pretty lifehacks that will make your life easy. Starting from home to organization, shopping to beauty tips, there are plenty of hacks for making life simple and saving energy and time.

So I prepared a list of these amazing life hacks that this list will have you saying "Unbelievable".


Yes, This is something amazing so Don't miss out on these tricks and start living your Life in a better way !!


Hack 1. Use Vinegar to Keep a Boiling Egg Intact


While boiling eggs you may get frustrated of having a crack. Mixed a little vinegar into the boiling water that will avoid cracks on the boiling egg and keep whites from seeping out. Using vinegar also helps you with the peeling process.

Hack 2. Protect Cables from Old Pen String


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As laptops, smartphones chargers and expensive cables aren't easy to handle and get easily broken sometimes. Better to use this lifehack to protect your expensive cable with a spring from an old pen. Wrap the pen spring around the cable to the base near the part that plugs into your smartphone. 


This lifehack will keep your charger straight and safe from any damage.

Hack 3. Use Spoon to Apply Eyeliner 


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This is the most common problem that every girl faces, right? But this lifehack, it's just a masterpiece. Try placing a spoon on the top of your eyelid and mark the line as per your convenience and make it look perfect. Just Amazing !! 

Hack 4. Apply Orange to Keep Body Odor Away


Just think you forgot to put on deodorant but don't want to smell like you've been at the gym. what will you do?


This lifehack will surely help you, take a slice of lemon or orange and just rub it onto your skin. The body odor will disappear in a second.

Hack 5. Chewing an Apple Gives Fresh Breath


It might sound funny but what if you forgot to brush your teeth or may you run out of toothpaste. Chewing an apple can help you to have fresh breath.

Hack 6. Transform With Aluminium Foil


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Running out of the right size of pan for the recipe? Transform any pan into the perfect size using an aluminum foil.

Hack 7. Cool Your Wine with This Hack


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Cool down your wine with a few frozen grapes in the glass without watering it down?

Hack 8. Dry Tea


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Put a dry Tea bag in your shoes and you will be amazed that the smell is gone.

Hack 9. Use This Trick When You Bought Wrong Foundation Color


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By chance if you bought the wrong foundation that's not matched with your skin tone, it will be a total loss. But Mixing it with moisturizer will help you. The more moisturizer you will mix the brighter the color will become.

Hack 10. Remember to Drink Enough Water


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We all know what role water plays in our life. So mark your water bottle as shown in the image to make sure you have enough water intake.


I hope you guys found these Lifehacks helpful for you and makes your life easier. Comment below which tricks you are going to enjoy. Feel free to drop Suggestion in the comment box below.

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